Abstract shape Necklace [ 100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" ]

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Unique. Great. Simple.

We created It to make this world better. We created it to make your relationship stronger, we’re here to make girls look different and special. We created it to see happy faces and beautiful smiles.

The way we make this world better is by creating super products, beautifully designed, high quality, simple and very different.  
The result of our cause is great and amazing necklaces. 

100 languages "I LOVE YOU" projection makes it different, well designed shapes and high quality makes it great.
You shouldn't lose time, because our products are limited - and you must have one.

Feel the magic. Amazing projection. 


The 100 languages “I love you” projection is something that you have never seen before. It emphasizes how much you love someone, it emphasizes difference, style & beauty.

The magic happens inside our necklace. Imagine the feeling when your loved one sees in this way love expression. She will go crazy! – no doubt about it.

You can see the message with:







Every way is kind of magic, especially flash & lights in a dark place because it will be expressed as projection. Sounds amazing? – Well, you should catch our sale – it happens rarely.